Celebrating 15 Years of the Utah Brazilian Festival


For a great Festival on Sept. 14, 2019

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Join Us For Our Best Festival Yet!

This is more than a party, it's a manifestation and identity of Brazilian culture and people.

Delicious Brazilian Food

Festive Samba Parade


The Fun is Spreading!


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"Love this festival! Such a great community and such great people. I always make a point of trying to go every year. It's great to see people from different places gathering to celebrate this culture!"

Gabriela Gray

"Such a fun event to go to! Tons of great food and music, great event to take the family to!"

Camen Ingo Gray

"I love the Brazilian Festival in Utah, I get to see lots of friends that I haven't seen in a long time. The food is great and I get to dance for hours."

Marilene Hunzeker

"This festival was so fun! Very lively and energetic! Music played nonstop and the food was delicious! We WILL be back next year!"


Alysha Michelle Milligan

Join Us For the Cultural Event of the Year!

From Brazilian food to Brazilian dancing, join us for an amazing, authentic experience!