What is The Samba School Parade at the Utah Brazilian Festival?

Saturday - September 9th, 2017 – Gateway Center


Starting at 1pm (sharp!) that’s how we open the Utah Brazilian Festival: samba, happy people, colorful costumes and you don’t have to be Brazilian or know how to Samba to be part of our opening act. Everyone is invited, including children. It is easy and fun to follow.


In case you are getting completely mixed up: Samba Schools are not teaching institutions. In Brazil a Samba School is basically an association of people from the same neighborhood, usually a working class community in most cases located in a suburban area. They get together on a regular basis for samba nights and rehearsals (ensaios) at their samba court (quadra). Samba schools provide invaluable jobs to the community that is employed year-round in the production of costumes.


Our Samba School Parade  may take anything from 150 to 300 members, The theme this year is the World Cup and the different regions in Brazil that will be holding the Soccer matches.


With 10 groups to choose from, led by Samba Fogo Drummers (Batucada), the costumes this year were prepared so people from any age can be part of it along with their families. They are colorful and of good taste, creative, fun and contribute entertainment value to the event, bringing a smile to everybody’s faces.


The Brazilian Festival Parade is a show stopper! The Parade Committee works with the community at large, as well as with the city of Salt Lake City and other coordinators, in conjunction with the Event Logistics Manager, to ensure that the Utah Brazilian Festival Samba Parade is fun for both participants and public.


Come join us at the Samba Parade this year. We still have spots available. We promise it is going to be fun. Please check last year’s pictures  at www.UtahBrazilianFestival.com


Starts: 1pm ends at 1:45pm

Staging starts at 12pm (Gateway Center)

Choose and Pick up costumes : Call Matilde Wosnjuk (801) 427-0607, Facebook The Utah Brazilian Festival or email: Matilde@UtahBrazilianFestival.com