Samba Parade

An essential kick-off for a marvelous celebration.


Opening With Ultimate Culture

Samba Parade Runs From 1pm to 1:45pm

The Brazilian Festival Parade is a show stopper! The Parade Committee works with the community to ensure that the parade is fun for both participants and public.

Costumes are prepared so that people of any age can be part of the fun along with their families. They are colorful and of good taste, creative, fun, and contribute entertainment value to the event.

Come Be in the Parade!

Do you have a passion for Brazilian culture? Do you want to learn more about it? Join us as we celebrate through music and dancing in our Samba Parade.


Beautiful, Colorful Costumes

We have a wide variety of groups participate in the Samba Parade every year.


Participants of All Ages

We want everyone to participate! Whether you are 5 or 70 years old, we welcome you.


Costume Rentals Available

Want to be in the parade, but don't have a costume? Try ours on a week before.

Join Us For the Cultural Event of the Year!

From Brazilian food to Brazilian dancing, join us for an amazing, authentic experience!